A year on! Harry and Meghan celebrate their one year ‘engagement announcement’ anniversary!

Today marks a year since the day many Royal Watchers have been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for. 

Prince Harry and then actress and activist Meghan Markle had began their relationship in early July 2016 after being set up on a blind date by a still unconfirmed and unknown mutual friend. Both had been quietly dating for six months before the media started catching on the secret romance. Although the British media had been cruel ever since their romance was announced, prompting even Prince Harry and the KP palace communications secretary to release a statement calling all them out, the public have been positively enchanted and infatuated with the couple and I was part of that wide majority. 

I personally called their inevitable engagement ever since November 8, 2016 when Prince Harry made that press release ultimately confirming their relationship. It was widely publicized as an unprecedented move from the palace as they have an old-fashioned “never complain, never explain” tradition when it comes to unfair, discriminatory, defamatory stories painted about the royals, much less a royal girlfriend. But when you know the love is real, you can’t stop yourself from fighting for your girl no matter who you are. That day I saw Harry as a changing man. That is what a man looks like. And that is how a man loves!

And who could have blamed him? Meghan is one gorgeous mamazita and she has a personality that I feel drives Harry so crazy! I mean he is the same man who only THREE weeks of dating called Meghan up and convinced her to fly across the globe to Botswana, Africa for a whole week(which is said to be his sanctuary). You can’t tell me with all the sightseeing and getting-to-know-each-other that Botswana wasn’t the place they decided to seal the deal and make it ROYALLY official? It is not farfetched to think what passion it’s like behind closed doors with those two. Whew! I can see it now. The way they behave in public being ole’ passionate and loving can only be a fraction of how they could be without the glare of the media. No wonder they’re out here making babies. But I’ll spare you my fantasies.

Over a period of a year since the relationship was announced, many were awaiting an engagement announcement with royal reporters making silly theories of secret proposals that were exchanged. And honestly, I fell for each one of them!

There were a few indications of an imminent engagement in the works in 2017. With reports of Meghan meeting Harry’s immediate family and friends in January, secret rendezvous every second week in a transatlantic relationship, Meghan reportedly being introduced to Prince Charles only a few months into dating, more trips to Africa in August for Meghan’s birthday month, Harry meeting Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland, the Vanity Fair article in which Meghan featured in professing her love and hinting an engagement herself, and who could forget when Meghan and Harry made their relationship PDA official at the Invictus Games in Toronto where she was working on Suits. But probably the biggest sign of all was when it was reported in October 2017 that Harry introduced Meghan to his grandmother THE QUEEN!

At that time, I already had my bunting, royal tea, cups and banners ready for a royal wedding celebration!

But November 27 was the day the world got the confirmation it was waiting for after a weekend of heavy speculation. With an announcement fit for a 21st century modern couple, a press release on the Kensington Palace Twitter and Instagram accounts and a photocall hours later with even an engagement interview later that evening. Gosh. We were so spoiled that day. 

They revealed Harry proposed over cooking roast chicken. Ahh. The old chicken roast proposal. My husband proposed to me over something similar although we were eating fish at a restaurant near the beach and I didn’t react well to the fish, long story short, nine months later we knew the reason why. 

I was glued to my screen the whole time the interview was happening and I didn’t even care what Harry said because I was just mesmerized at Meghan’s impeccable beauty! What a vision that woman is! But you could see the love radiating from the both of them. You knew it was real when Harry shivered at the thought of being Meghan’s husband, or when every second or two they always turned to each other when professing their love for each other. Ugh! The feels of it all!

Their entire romance looks like a modern fairytale! Even six months after their engagement announcement when they got married to an estimated 2 billion people, you could tell they were no ordinary royal couple. They were going to be the royal couple the royal family needs to survive. A modern royal couple.

Now fast forward 12 months later, the couple are happily married, undertook a crazy amount of engagements in their first six months, had a widely successful royal tour and are expecting their first baby (or possible babies *hint hint*).

Nothing is stopping these two.

Happy Engagement Day 

The Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge are allegedly ‘at their wits end with each other’

So what a way to start my first blog post on this forum. An alleged feud between two high profile women. What’s new?

So according to multiple sources, The Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex, other known as Kate and Meghan, have been bickering for quite some time now. Apparently they really had a jab at each other in the lead up to Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding over six months ago.

Camilla Tominey wrote a scathing article piece for The Daily Telegraphy touching on the matter,

“But the talk of a growing froideur between Kate and Meghan really ramped up following rumours of an apparent falling out between the pair in the run up to the Sussexes’ wedding in May.

The Telegraph has spoken to two separate sources who claim Kate was left in tears following a bridesmaids dress fitting for Princess Charlotte.

“Kate had only just given birth to Prince Louis and was feeling quite emotional,” said one insider.”

Hmm. A grown woman throws a temper tantrum over a dress her three-year-old daughter (who seemingly didn’t have a problem with) would wear at a wedding that wasn’t her own. Camilla notably failed to mention any further details of the incident. Perhaps, why would Kate cry over a simple white bridesmaids dress that every other bridesmaid in the wedding party was wearing? Why would Kate choose to cry (days before her brother-in-law’s wedding) over a dress that she has probably seen sketches of and been to all the dress fittings for? Why would Kate choose to moan about a bride’s chose of wedding attire after a drama filled week leading up to the wedding that involved said bride. Surely Kate The Great would show some compassion over the stress her future sister-in-law had to go-through? It says a lot about Kate as a person than it does Meghan, don’t you think? So many questions that are likely never to be answered.

After a flurry of articles targeted these past couple of days, or weeks (frankly these past two years), Camilla Tominey had her fair share of controversy over her recent article tying Meghan to a Mosque with terrorism allegations which she got criticism for so I can only imagine why she would come out of the blue with an article brutally labelling Meghan as some “Mean Girl of Windsor” as she causes havoc in the palace. She clearly didn’t take the criticism she faced for her article well and now she’s on a tirade mission to diminish and tarnish Meghan’s reputation because she’s a biter betty with some vendetta against the pregnant Duchess. That’s one argument someone would raise. Or Camilla Tominey has joined the bandwagon of the “Let’s put Meghan in her place and diminish her popularity after a successful royal tour in order to ensure our dutiful Future King and Queen (consort) are still the main attraction” narrative. That could be another possibility.

The timing of these articles are highly suspect. Given the growing popularity of the Sussexes, I would imagine someone behind the scenes isn’t too happy about it. It surely can’t be the Cambridges themselves because they can do no wrong. No. No. It can only be palace insiders putting out these “factual stories” right?

Honestly, I can’t say I am surprised by this new Meghan narrative. The new Golden Apple of the Royal Family has a personality, charisma, confidence and presence about her that many may find intimidating (my guess some the royals included) and they don’t like that from the wife of the sixth in line to the throne. The fact that Meghan is a strong, independent, opinionated, hardworking biracial woman modernizing the monarchy bothers people because a few of the past and present Royal Wives of Windsor have ever had a woman like that join The Firm. 

The British press are notorious for lifting a person up at the beginning only to bring them down tenfold, especially if it’s a woman. They’ve done this to Princess Margaret, to Princess Diana and Fergie but all those women have at least had a so called “honeymoon period” from the press. Meghan did not have any of that.

Now with this new Meghan vs. Kate narrative, with Kate always coming out on top in their eyes because of her position, I can only wonder what next can they do to tarnish Meghan’s image. Thankfully, the public don’t seem to be having any of it.

After the latest YouGov poll on the popularity of the members of the royal family, Prince Harry came out #1 ahead of the Queen with 77% approval rating and his wife Meghan wasn’t far behind at 55% only SIX months into joining the royal family.

The public can see through your lies British media. 


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